Real Madrid - Real Madrid contacted her mother to come to Ronaldo

19 Apr

Guimbala, a Spanish football pundit, said in the summer of 2008, Sir Alex Ferguson had tried to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona in order to return Real Madrid. After poignant that "White King" flirt with Ronaldo too hard Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager of Manchester United, the English Premier League giants, have tried to release the famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona during Summer 2008, or before Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid, according to the disclosure of the Spanish footballer Guillerma Gueru Ronaldo has done a great job with Manchester United, helping the team to be very successful, such as winning three league titles, 1 FA Cup Championship, 2 League Cups and 2 Championship titles. UEFA Champions League 1 for example, before he moved to Madrid in the summer of 2009 with a substantial championship with "White King"However, Balakque unfolded that Ronaldo actually wanted to move the team since January 2007, and after that Madrid has worked hard to close the deal with the Portuguese to the point that Manchester United have to write to Madrid that their people should stop talking about Ronaldo.However, after the 2007-08 season of the Champions League final where Manchester United won the title, Madrid's people once again talked about Ronaldo, making Ferguson fly to Portugal, to talk to Ronaldo and the people involved. To prevent direct contact from the side of Madrid by doing that, it is because he wants to make the whole world see that he and Manchester United are a big team, not as inferior to Madrid to the extent that they have to meet the needs of the other party. Always stay Still, Ferguson was unable to convince Ronaldo to stay with the team. But he seems to want to retaliate with Madrid by contacting Barcelona to persuade "Azul Lara Rana" offered to buy Ronaldo, at which time he was like letting Ronaldo to go with any team other than Madrid, but in the end he had to abandon the plan after Ronaldo decided. Then wanting to move to Madrid only In the end, Ferguson asked Ronaldo to help the team for another 1 year and promised to sell him to Madrid if he acted well before Ronaldo actually moved to Madrid during the period. Summer of 2009

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